Postpartum Care Kit

Postpartum Care Kit


After the joy of giving birth, every new mother is faced with the realities of postpartum care. The “Postpartum Care Kit” includes items to help new mothers recover. With a new baby comes numerous changes and adjustments, including the physical changes your body undergoes as it recovers from childbirth. From breastfeeding to navigating the first postpartum bowel movement, your body will be tired, sore, swollen, and in need of some TLC.

While you have likely been preparing for your baby’s arrival, it’s crucial to also have a well-stocked postpartum care kit to help promote comfort and healing. Your hospital may provide you with a basic kit, but it may only last for a day or two. To fully support your postpartum journey, it’s important to have additional supplies on hand.

With these essential items in your postpartum care kit, you can ensure that your post-birth experience is as peaceful and stress-free as possible.

1. Postpartum Pads

Maternity Pads

During the first week or two after giving birth, you’ll likely experience heavy bleeding (called lochia), making postpartum pads absolutely essential.

Postpartum pads, also known as maternity pads, are sanitary pads specifically designed for women after childbirth. They are thicker and more absorbent than regular menstrual pads to accommodate postpartum bleeding, which can last for several weeks.

It is important to use a pad that provides adequate coverage and protection, as the postpartum period can be heavy and unpredictable. Postpartum pads often have a wider design to provide additional coverage and support, and many feature adhesive strips to keep the pad securely in place.

2. Witch Hazel

Witch hazel cream

For new mothers seeking a solution to discomfort, Witch Hazel could be considered a magic potion. This plant extract is highly effective in reducing swelling and treating hemorrhoids. The convenient option of creating your own Witch Hazel pads or purchasing premade wipes makes it easy to have relief on hand at all times, whether you’re at home or on the go.

For an added touch of relief, some mothers even freeze Witch Hazel-soaked pads to use as an ice pack for sensitive areas. Combining Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera further amplifies its soothing benefits.

3. Postpartum Underwear

postnatal pelvic recovery

As you prepare for postpartum, having comfortable and supportive underwear is crucial. The right postpartum underwear will provide secure and gentle support, accommodating your pads, ice packs, and even C-section stitches. Moms who have had a C-section can still benefit from recovery shapewear.

In those initial weeks and months postpartum, you’ll want something that softly embraces you.

4. Perineal Irrigation Bottle

Going to the bathroom can be a painful experience post-childbirth. The use of a peri-bottle can help alleviate this discomfort while effectively addressing the need. Conveniently keep one or two peri-bottles in each bathroom at home or pack it in your bag while you’re out. There are several options available in the market, specifically designed to meet the needs of new mothers.

perineal bottle

5. Sits Bath & Salts

Soaking in a sitz bath is an effective way to manage to swell and reduce discomfort experienced after giving birth. It can alleviate pain, and itching and promote relaxation. Simply fill a bathtub with warm water, add some sits salts, and indulge in 15-20 minutes of self-care.

For optimal benefits, elevate your knees or hang your legs outside the tub during the soak. After the bath, gently pat yourself dry and avoid vigorously rubbing the salts into your skin.

Sitz bath

6. Perineal Healing Foam or Numbing Spray

Products such as perineal healing foam and peri healing spray are instrumental in providing both immediate relief and aiding in the long-term healing process. The perineal healing foam, made with witch hazel, is designed to be absorbed directly into the affected areas, rather than being absorbed into any pads you may be wearing. This foam offers pain relief, and cooling, and reduces swelling.

Peri healing spray is a recent addition to the postpartum care kit and provides a straightforward solution to postpartum discomfort. Although it is a relatively new option, it has quickly become a must-have in postpartum care kits.

perineal spray

7. Breast Pads

Breastfeeding often comes with the risk of leakage, but nursing pads offer a convenient solution to avoid ruining multiple outfits throughout the day. Both reusable bamboo pads and disposable store-branded options are available, and it may take some experimentation to determine the best type for you. However, investing in nursing pads can greatly speed up your return to your daily routine and provide peace of mind.

breast pads

8. Nipple Cream

When it comes to the challenges of breastfeeding, the transition can often go unmentioned. For new mothers, the physical demands can result in discomfort and pain during the initial stages of breastfeeding. Fortunately, the use of nipple cream can provide relief and alleviate any discomfort associated with the adjustment period.

nipple cream

For a more comfortable post-labor recovery, utilize a donut pillow when sitting to alleviate pressure on sensitive areas. Alternatively, opt for a versatile boppy pillow to provide support while nursing.

9. Donut Pillow

donut pillow

10. Medication

As you prepare for postpartum recovery, ensure that you have access to effective pain management options. Whether you have been prescribed painkillers or opting for over-the-counter options, keep ibuprofen within reach. Not only will you experience discomfort associated with labor and delivery, but you will also likely encounter new aches and pains as your uterus adjusts to its new size.

With a newborn in the house, it is crucial to have proper pain management readily available to avoid any discomfort during those special “baby” moments. Additionally, consider adding stool softeners to your daily medication regimen for the first few weeks postpartum. This will help ease your body back into a regular bowel movement routine and prevent the onset of hemorrhoids.

Remember, your postpartum experience can greatly impact your recovery. Be open and honest about your needs to ensure a safe and comfortable healing process.

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