McDonald’s Breakfast Menu

McDonald’s Breakfast Menu

In this article, you will discover McDonald’s breakfast menus with their respective prices.

The cost of an average McDonald’s breakfast meal is $8. The choices include homestyle breakfasts, combo meals, McCafe coffees, McCafe Bakery, hash browns and sides, sweets and treats, condiments, beverages, shareable items, and individual items.

Approximately 50 years ago, McDonald’s incorporated breakfast into its menu. This addition proved to be a significant asset for their business, contributing greatly to the brand’s substantial revenue.

In 1971, McDonald’s conducted a trial of a Continental Breakfast, featuring the Egg McMuffin. In 1977, they introduced the initial nationwide breakfast menu, which comprised the Egg McMuffin, hotcakes, toasted English muffin, scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns, and Danish pastries. Since then, McDonald’s has been serving breakfast to numerous individuals globally.

Join us as we discover McDonald’s breakfast menu and prices to meet your breakfast requirements.

McDonald’s Breakfast Menu with Prices | What’s On It

The McDonald’s Breakfast menu offers an abundance of choices. When deciding to have breakfast at McDonald’s, you can explore a diverse range of options. This includes homestyle breakfasts, combo meals, McCafe coffees, McCafe Bakery, hash browns and sides, sweets and treats, condiments, beverages, shareable items, and individual items.

Now, let’s examine the individual McDonald’s breakfast menu options and their corresponding prices.

1. McDonald’s Homestyle Breakfast 

The McDonald’s homestyle breakfast menu offers four choices: the big breakfast, the big breakfast with hotcakes, hotcakes and sausage, and sausages.

Each homestyle breakfast consists of dishes such as scrambled eggs, biscuits, sausage, or hotcakes served with maple syrup and butter.

McDonald’s Homestyle Breakfasts

Big Breakfast$6.09
Big Breakfast With Hot Cakes $8.59
Hotcakes And Sausages$6.89

2. McDonald’s Breakfast Combo Deals

The breakfast combo meals available at McDonald’s offer excellent value for money, featuring affordable prices. There is a wide selection of 10 combo meals to choose from, including the popular item, McDonald’s Egg McMuffin.

McDonald’s breakfast menu has always centered around the iconic Egg McMuffin, which was initially inspired by Eggs Benedict. Throughout the years, variations of this sandwich emerged, incorporating bacon and sausage.

In addition, breakfast biscuits were introduced, along with the renowned McGriddle.

The breakfast combo options available at McDonald’s encompass a variety of meals, such as the sausage egg biscuit meal, McChicken biscuit meal, Egg McMuffin meal, sausage egg McMuffin meal, sausage McMuffin meal, bacon egg cheese McMuffin meal, sausage egg cheese McGriddle meal, chicken McGriddle meal, 2 sausage burrito meal, and sausage egg cheese bagel meal.

All of these combinations are accompanied by a biscuit, muffin, pancake, burrito, or bagel as their base. To personalize your order, you have the option of adding American cheese, Canadian bacon, and your preferred type of egg.

If a combination of bacon and eggs appeals to you for a delightful morning meal, then you should consider ordering either the egg McMuffin meal or the egg cheese McMuffin meal. These meals consist of an English McMuffin, Canadian bacon, American cheese, a round egg, and butter.

Each of these delectable breakfast combo meals is served with crispy golden hash browns and a beverage. Beverage choices include premium roast coffee, decaf coffee, milk, orange juice, coke, sprite, iced tea, and Fanta.

Combo Meals

Sausage Egg Biscuit Meal $8.39
McChicken Biscuit Meal$7.19
Egg McMuffin Meal$9.69
Sausage McMuffin Meal$6.88
Sausage Egg McMuffin Me$8.99
Sausage Egg Cheese McGriddle Meal$9.99
Bacon Egg Cheese McMuffin Meal$9.49
Chicken McGriddle Meal$7.40
Sausage Egg Cheese Bagel Meal$10.49
2 Sausage Burrito Meal$7.49

3. Hashbrowns And Sides 

Now that you are familiar with the breakfast options available at McDonald’s, let’s explore the hash and sides menu. This menu encompasses hash browns, oatmeal, sausage patty, apple slices, and scrambled eggs.

Furthermore, if you are considering a McDonald’s breakfast for your entire family, you can indulge in a family breakfast meal comprising of 4 McMuffins, 4 Hash Browns, 2 Juices, and 2 McCafé coffees.

Hashbrowns And Sides

Scrambled Eggs$1.99
Apple Slices$1.59


Family Breakfast Meal$18.79

4. McDonald’s Individual Breakfast Items

At times, there may be no need for combos; instead, a convenient breakfast on the go is all that is necessary. In such situations, McDonald’s provides a range of individual breakfast items that serve as an ideal meal option.

Within this category, there are 18 choices available for selection. The complete list of individual breakfast items, along with their respective prices, is provided below.

Among the favored individual breakfast items are the sausage burrito, sausage egg cheese McGriddle, chicken McGriddle, English McMuffin, and steak egg cheese bagel.


Steak Cheese Egg Bagel$6.79
Sausage Egg Cheese Bagel$5.89
Sausage Burrito$2.99
Chicken McGriddle$3.69
Sausage Egg Cheese McGriddle $5.99
Sausage McGriddle$3.49
English McMuffin$1.89
Sausage McMuffin$2.89
Sausage Egg McMuffin$5.09
Egg McMuffin$5.69
Egg Cheese Biscuit $3.89
Egg Biscuit$2.69
Sausage Egg Cheese Biscuit $5.69
McChicken Biscuit$3.59
Sausage Biscuit $2.89
Sausage Egg Biscuit $4.79

5. McCafé Bakery

McDonald’s breakfast menu also caters to those with a penchant for sweetness. Within the McCafe bakery section, you can indulge in an apple fritter, cinnamon roll, apple pie, or a holiday pie, satisfying your desire for a delectable treat.

McDonald’s holiday pie is a limited-time treat available during the holiday season. If you wish to relish its flavors year-round, you can discover how to prepare it in the comfort of your own home by referring to the official McDonald’s holiday pie recipe provided.

McCafé Bakery

Apple Pie$2.09
Holiday Pie$2.09
McCafé Cinnamon Roll$3.09
McCafé Apple Fritter$3.09

6. Condiments

Finally, for a delightful taste sensation, you have the opportunity to enhance your meal with complimentary condiments including creamer, sugar, salt, pepper, Splenda, ketchup, lite mayo, strawberry preserve, and grape jam.

Alternatively, you can opt for dipping sauces such as BBQ sauce, sweet and sour sauce, honey mustard sauce, honey, creamy ranch, honey mustard, spicy buffalo, butter, syrup, and hot or mild Picante salsa.


Mayonnaise Packet$ 0.00
Hot Picante Salsa$ 0.00
Strawberry Preserve$ 0.00
Grape Jam$ 0.00
Lite Mayo Packet$ 0.00
Syrup$ 0.00
Butter$ 0.00
Spicy Buffalo$ 0.00
Mustard Packet$ 0.00
Honey Mustard$ 0.00
Creamy Ranch Sauce$ 0.00
Hot Mustard Dipping Sauce$ 0.00
Honey Packet$ 0.00
Sweet N Sour Dipping Sauce$ 0.00
Ketchup Packet$ 0.00
Tangy BBQ Dipping Sauce$ 0.00
Splenda Packet$ 0.00
Salt Packet$ 0.00
Pepper Packet$ 0.00
Equal Packet$ 0.00
Sugar Packet$ 0.00
Creamer Packet$ 0.00

McDonald’s Drinks & McCafe Menu 2023 | Coffee, Soft Drinks & More

No morning meal is fully satisfying without a jolt of caffeine. Consequently, McDonald’s offers an extensive selection of coffees and teas for your enjoyment.

McDonald’s offers a variety of hot and cold coffee and tea choices. The selection of cold caffeinated options comprises iced coffee, iced caramel coffee, iced hazelnut coffee, iced French vanilla coffee, iced sugar-free vanilla coffee, iced caramel macchiato, iced mocha, iced caramel mocha, iced latte, iced caramel latte, and iced French vanilla latte.

If you are in need of a hot beverage to energize your tasks, you have a range of options available. These include premium roast coffee, decaf coffee, hot tea, premium hot chocolate, hot caramel chocolate, mocha frappe, caramel frappe, caramel macchiato, mocha, and caramel mocha.

If you have a preference for lattes, you can select from a range of options including regular latte, caramel latte, hazelnut latte, French vanilla latte, and hazelnut latte.

For those who enjoy cappuccinos, there are choices such as regular cappuccino, vanilla cappuccino, hazelnut cappuccino, or caramel cappuccino.

Additionally, an Americano is also available as an option. To explore further details regarding McDonald’s McCafe menu and beverage offerings, make sure to refer to the McDonald’s Drinks & McCafe Menu 2023 | Coffee, Soft Drinks & More.

McCafé® Coffees

Caramel Cappuccino$3.19$3.99$4.59
Hazelnut Cappuccino$3.19$3.99$4.59
Iced Sugar-Free Vanilla Latte$3.19$3.99$4.59
Sugar-Free Vanilla Cappuccino$3.19$3.99$4.59
Cappuccino Not Available$3.99$4.59
Sugar-Free Vanilla Latte$2.89$4.09$4.69
Iced Sugar-Free Vanilla Latte$2.89$4.09$4.69
Iced Hazelnut Latte$2.89$4.09$4.69
Iced Caramel Latte$2.89$4.09$4.69
Iced Latte$2.89$4.09$4.69
Sugar Free Vanilla Latte$3.19$3.79$4.69
Hazelnut Latte$3.19$3.79$4.69
Caramel Latte$3.19$3.79$4.69
Latte$3.19$3.79Not Available
Iced Caramel Mocha$3.19$4.29$4.69
Iced Mocha$3.19$4.29$4.69
Hot Tea$1.49$1.79$2.09
Decaf Coffee$1.99$2.29$2.69
Premium Roast Coffee$1.99$2.29$2.69
In addition to the aforementioned beverages, McDonald’s offers a delectable selection of shakes to accompany your breakfast. The options available are chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla shakes.

Sweet Treats

Strawberry Shake$4.29$5.49$6.09
Chocolate Shake$4.29$5.49$6.09
Strawberry Shake$4.29$5.49$6.09

Indulge your sweet tooth with a variety of treats including Oreo Fudge McFlurry, M&M McFlurry, Caramel Sundae, Hot Fudge Sundae, and Plain Sundae.

Oreo Fudge McFlurry$5.89
M&M McFlurry$5.89
Oreo McFlurry$5.89
Caramel Sundae$4.89
Hot Fudge Sundae$4.89
Plain Sudae$4.79

Transitioning away from milkshakes and ice cream sundaes, you have the option to choose from a variety of beverages including orange juice, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Dr. Pepper, Hawaiian Punch, milk, apple juice, iced tea, hot tea, and mango pineapple smoothie.


Beverages SmallMediumLarge
Mango Pineapple Smoothie $3.89$4.99$5.89
Strawberry Banana Smoothie$3.89$4.99$5.89
Frozen Fanta Wild Cherry$2.89$3.49$4.09
Frozen Fanta Blue Raspberry$2.89$3.49$4.09
Unsweetened Iced Tea$1.39$1.79$1.89
Hot Tea$1.49$1.79$2.09
Sweet Iced tea$1.39$1.79$1.89
Hawaiian Punch$2.19$2.59$2.79
Dr Pepper$2.19$2.59$2.79
Diet Coke $2.19$2.59$2.79
Hi-C Orange $2.19$2.59$2.79
Orange Juice $2.99
Honest Kids Organic Apple Juice Drink$2.49
Bottled Water$2.69

Now that you are aware of the breakfast offerings available at McDonald’s in 2023, it’s worth noting that you have the opportunity to prepare 30 delicious McDonald’s recipes in the comfort of your own home. Explore our unique article on McDonald’s recipes for further details and inspiration.

When Does McDonald’s Start & Stop Serving Breakfast? 

Are you feeling eager to enjoy the delightful McDonald’s breakfast menus mentioned earlier? Whether you prefer an early start or need a quick breakfast before heading to work, McDonald’s is ready to provide you with a satisfying morning meal.

Hence, it is possible to observe variations in the breakfast serving hours at McDonald’s establishments across different locations. For instance, a McDonald’s in Texas may offer breakfast from 7 am until 10:30 am, whereas a McDonald’s in Boston may serve breakfast from 6 am until 11:00 am.

To obtain accurate information regarding the breakfast hours of specific McDonald’s outlets, excluding those operating 24/7, it is advisable to consult the official McDonald’s website.

McDonald’s breakfast can be enjoyed through various means, including dine-in at the restaurant, home delivery, or utilizing the drive-thru option within the designated breakfast hours.

For further details on McDonald’s breakfast hours, including start and end times, we recommend referring to our comprehensive guide. Additionally, popular delivery apps such as Uber Eats, Postmates, Grub Hub, and Seamless can also provide assistance in accessing McDonald’s breakfast offerings.

Does McDonald’s Still Have All Day Breakfast? 

McDonald’s introduced its all-day breakfast option in 2015. For those familiar with McDonald’s breakfast, the delight of enjoying a McMuffin, a McGriddle, or hotcakes was available not only in the morning but also during lunch, as a mid-afternoon snack, and even for dinner—a truly indescribable experience.

However, in 2020, due to the pandemic, McDonald’s made the decision to suspend its all-day breakfast menu in order to streamline operations and improve service speed and order accuracy for customers. This was communicated through a tweet by the company stating, “To simplify operations in our kitchens, which we saw provided better speed of service and order accuracy for our customers.”

Since then, there has been no official confirmation from McDonald’s regarding the return of their all-day breakfast menu. Although McDonald’s no longer officially offers all-day breakfast, there have been rumors of certain locations in Florida, California, Nevada, and Oregon reintroducing the menu. However, these reports have not been officially verified.

Therefore, while we await the potential return of the all-day breakfast menu at McDonald’s, you can take advantage of the early morning hours to enjoy your favorite breakfast items. In the meantime, you can find more information on the topic in our article titled “Does McDonald’s Serve Breakfast All Day in 2023?

Exclusive McDonald’s Breakfast Food Items To Order

McDonald’s offers a selection of unique breakfast items that are sure to kickstart your day. You have the option to indulge in the popular Egg McMuffin, McGriddle, pancakes, and other delicious choices, all accompanied by a wide variety of beverages.

You are already familiar with all the available options on the McDonald’s breakfast menu. However, certain items are truly exceptional and deserving of your investment. Take a look at these selections and make sure to order them during your next visit to McDonald’s for breakfast.

1. Hash Browns

Regardless of your age, McDonald’s hash browns are the ideal breakfast choice to brighten up your mornings. While this breakfast item is included in every combo meal, you can also savor it on its own by ordering from the side menu.

The oval-shaped patties are expertly fried to achieve a perfect crispy texture on the outside while maintaining a fluffy potato core on the inside.

For added indulgence, you can dip them in condiments such as ketchup, honey mustard, creamy ranch, or sweet and sour sauce. Alternatively, you can elevate any sandwich on the menu by adding these hash browns. I recommend ordering some extras because a little indulgence never hurts.

2. Egg McMuffin 

The Egg McMuffin has been a staple on McDonald’s menu since 1971, establishing its enduring popularity over the years.

This delectable item, renowned for its warm and gooey texture, features an English muffin, Canadian bacon, egg, and cheese. It has successfully carved out a special place for itself due to its exceptional taste and quality.

For a truly delightful breakfast experience, pairing the Egg McMuffin with a comforting cup of McCafe is an excellent choice to kickstart your day on a positive note.

3. Big McDonald’s Breakfast With Hotcakes 

To enjoy a satisfying breakfast at McDonald’s, one should opt for a big breakfast with hotcakes. This selection offers a delectable combination of comforting and top-notch morning choices, artfully arranged on a plate.

Included in the big breakfast with hotcakes are fluffy and delicious hotcakes, generously adorned with a luscious drizzle of maple syrup and butter. Accompanying this delight are a savory sausage patty, scrambled eggs, a fluffy biscuit, and irresistible hash browns. This platter presents an ideal fusion of sweet and savory elements that will surely please your palate.

4. Bacon, Egg, And Cheese McGriddle

For a delightful experience of contrasting textures and flavors, indulge in the bacon, egg, and cheese McGriddle from McDonald’s breakfast menu.

Experience the perfect combination of sweet and fluffy griddle cakes, complemented by the crispy applewood smoked bacon, a gently folded egg, and a slice of lusciously melted American cheese.

5. Sausage Burrito

While a burrito may not typically be associated with breakfast, McDonald’s offers a delicious and satisfying option with their sausage burrito.

The sausage burrito includes scrambled eggs, cheese, onion, green chiles, and McDonald’s signature breakfast sausage, all wrapped inside a soft flour tortilla.

This convenient grab-and-go option not only provides a tasty meal but also incorporates nutritious ingredients. It pairs well with a variety of beverages such as hot or cold coffee, shakes, tea, or any drink of your choice.

6. Coffee

McDonald’s coffee often goes unnoticed with the presence of Starbucks, Dunkin’, and Tim Horton’s. However, there are delightful options worth exploring alongside your breakfast.

To experience a comforting warmth, consider trying McDonald’s premium roast coffee or latte. Their premium roast coffee is crafted from 100% Arabica coffee beans, freshly roasted and brewed every half hour. It boasts a rich aroma and a hint of cocoa flavor.

For those who prefer coffee with creamy milk, McDonald’s latte is an excellent choice. It combines espresso and steamed milk. Additionally, you can enhance your latte with flavors like Caramel Latte or French Vanilla Latte, both found on the McCafé menu.

If you’re a fan of cold coffee, the McCafé mocha frappe or iced hazelnut latte are worth a try. Both beverages are served chilled. The mocha frappe leans towards sweetness, while the iced hazelnut latte offers a nutty and milky taste.

While these five breakfast menu items are highly recommended by McDonald’s, be sure not to miss exploring the other outstanding breakfast options on the McDonald’s menu in 2023.

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What time is breakfast over at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s discontinues serving breakfast after 11 am, prompting the transition to its regular menu. At this time, branches commence offering items such as burgers, chicken nuggets, and the entirety of the standard menu until closing time, which may differ based on the opening hours of individual restaurants.

Why doesn’t McDonald’s serve breakfast all day?

The decision to discontinue the all-day breakfast was made with the intention of streamlining the menu and simplifying operations for the staff and workers.

How can we get McDonald’s breakfast?

You can enjoy McDonald’s breakfast at the restaurant, in the comfort of your own home, or conveniently pick it up from the drive-thru.

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