Mango Ginger Donuts

Mini ginger donuts with a mango glaze are soft, sweet, and an exquisite treat! Fortunately, these baked donuts are super simple to prepare from home, and the sweet, spicy ginger pairs nicely with the juicy mango glaze.

Mango Ginger Donuts

Although fried yeast donuts are delicious, baked mini donuts are easier to make and equally tasty. I chose to make ginger cake donuts with a mango glaze for this recipe.

Every part of this recipe is easy, but I have some helpful tips!

Mini Ginger Donuts

I had difficulty deciding the amount of dried ginger for the donuts. Eventually, I chose ¾ teaspoon, giving them a subtle ginger spiciness. I adore ginger and wanted more, but testers preferred a milder taste.

You can adjust the ginger to your taste. Use a full teaspoon for more ginger flavor or ½ teaspoon for a mild taste. Freshly grated ginger may have a stronger effect, but I don’t know the required amount.

Baked Donut Notes

The last time I baked donuts, I used only cake flour. They were very soft and tasty. However, for these ginger donuts, I wanted more structure. This time, I used a combination of cake and all-purpose flour, which created the perfect balance.

I changed how I filled the mini donut pan. Before, I used a piping bag, but now I use a tablespoon. Two tablespoons of batter is just right for the pan and makes it easier to maintain consistency.

Top Tips for Baked Mango Donuts

  • Ensure all ingredients are at room temperature for optimal blending and desirable donut texture.
  • Do not overmix. Stir only until wet and dry ingredients are combined.
  • Apply pan release to the donut pans and ensure complete coverage using a pastry brush.
  • Please only fill the donut holes halfway.

Mango Glaze

I planned to make mango ginger donuts with freeze-dried mangoes, but they were expired. Instead, I used LorAnn Oils mango flavoring, and it tastes like biting into a juicy mango!

I aimed for a thick glaze that doesn’t drip. I achieved this with 2 tablespoons of warm water and a bit of corn syrup. You can apply the glaze by piping or dipping the donut top.

Glazing Tips

Don’t glaze donuts until serving day. After overnight rest, glaze seeped into the ginger donut, making it less smooth. Glazing mini donuts are quick and easy. You can do it about an hour or two before serving without any issues.

The glaze will firm up after a few hours but won’t be as hard as royal icing. It will still have a soft texture. You can stack them once they’ve set, but this may create blemishes in the glaze.


Mini ginger donuts with mango glaze are a delightful treat for brunch or dessert. Easily made at home, they combine spicy ginger with juicy mango glaze, creating a delicious flavor contrast.

Recipe Card

Mango Ginger Donuts

Mango Ginger Donuts

Mini ginger donuts with a mango glaze are soft, sweet, and an exquisite treat! Fortunately, these baked donuts are super simple to prepare from home, and the sweet, spicy ginger pairs nicely with the juicy mango glaze.
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 18 minutes
Total Time 48 minutes
Course Breakfast, brunch, Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 18 donuts
Calories 128 kcal


Mini Ginger Donuts

  • 4 oz sugar
  • 3 oz cake flour
  • 3 oz all purpose flour
  • 2 tablespoon dried buttermilk
  • ¾ teaspoon ginger
  • ¾ teaspoon baking powder
  • ¼ teaspoon baking soda
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • 6 fl oz water
  • 2 oz unsalted butter melted
  • 1 egg room temperature

Mango Glaze

  • 6 oz powdered sugar sifted
  • ½ tablespoon corn syrup optional
  • 3 drops mango flavor
  • 1 drop neon orange gel color
  • 2 + tablespoon warm water


Mini Ginger Donuts

  • Preheat the oven to 350°F and apply pan release to the mini donut pans, ensuring thorough coverage in all areas.
  • In a bowl, mix sugar, flours, dried buttermilk, ginger, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Then, set it aside.
  • In a big bowl, mix water, melted butter, and egg. Combine dry ingredients with wet ones. Stir until they're just mixed.
  • Pour 2 tablespoons of batter into each donut pan cavity (fill halfway). Bake for 8-10 minutes until donuts spring back when touched.
  • Allow pans to cool for 2 minutes, then transfer cakes to a rack. Let them cool completely before applying the glaze.
  • Allow the pan to cool completely. Then, lightly apply baking spray and fill it with another round of batter. Continue this process until all the batter is used.

Mango Glaze

  • Combine powdered sugar, corn syrup, mango flavor, orange color, and 2 tablespoons water. If too thick, slowly add water. If too thin, add more powdered sugar. Adjust flavor to taste.
  • You can use a piping bag or a spoon to apply the glaze to the mini ginger donuts, or dip the donuts' tops into the glaze.


Apply the glaze on the donuts on the day they’ll be served. After a few hours, the glaze starts soaking into the donuts. They remain tasty but lose their appearance. This glaze is sufficient for all the donuts.

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