Elvie Breast Pump Review

Elvie Breast Pump

The Elvie Pump, a product designed for mothers, was created by Tania Boler, an expert in women’s health who has been developing world-class technology to address women’s intimate issues since 2013. Historically, pumping breast milk has been time-consuming, noisy, and challenging to fit into a busy schedule. However, the Elvie Pump seeks to change that by allowing women to pump hands-free and without being tethered to a machine.

The Elvie Pump is designed to fit into your existing nursing bra, allowing you to continue with your activities while you pump. Additionally, it has the ability to detect let-downs and will automatically switch from stimulation mode to expression mode, so you don’t have to do anything. It also has a feature that detects when the bottle is full and will pause pumping.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the Elvie Breast Pump and its features.

Elvie breast pump pros:

  • The Elvie Breast Pump offers hands-free functionality,
  • Allowing you to move around freely and complete your daily tasks like washing dishes, working in the office, preparing meals, or driving a car.
  • This pump is rechargeable and can fit easily into your bra for added convenience.
  • One of the biggest advantages of the Elvie Breast Pump is its ability to personalize settings to ensure maximum comfort during use.
  • It also comes with insightful data that tells you when and how much you’ve pumped, though the accuracy may not always be perfect.

Elvie breast pump cons:

  • Some users have reported that the bottles and components of the Elvie breast pump warp during sterilization, leading them to opt for washing rather than sterilizing.
  • Additionally, it is important to maintain an upright posture while pumping with the Elvie, as leaning forward can cause the pump to leak.
  • While the Elvie is effective at pumping, it may not be as efficient as larger pumps like the Medela or Spectra, as some users have found.
  • Furthermore, some customers may need to purchase additional flange sizes separately, as their required size may not be included in the original packaging.
  • The Bluetooth connectivity of the Elvie app can occasionally fail to connect to a user’s phone, and the app may not always accurately display the amount of milk that has been pumped.

What the Elvie pump comes with:

The double Elvie pump comes with:

  • 2 Hubs
  • 4 5 oz bottles.
  • Breast shields (2 x 24mm and 2 x 28mm shields.)
  • 4 Valves
  • 4 spouts
  • 4 seals
  • 4 storage lids
  • 4 bra adjusters
  • 2 USB charging cables
  • 2 carry bags

The Elvie pump comes with a 2-year warranty on the hub and a 90-day warranty on the washable components.

How easy is the Elvie breast pump to use?

The Elvie breast pump is generally considered easy to use. Its design allows for hands-free operation, and it is compact and portable, making it convenient for use on the go. However, some users may experience issues with suction or assembly and may need to troubleshoot or refer to the instructions for guidance. Overall, the ease of use may depend on individual preferences and experiences.

How comfortable is the Elvie breast pump?

The Elvie breast pump is designed with comfort in mind. Its unique shape and size are intended to fit comfortably and discreetly inside a nursing bra, without the need for external tubes or cords. Additionally, the pump offers multiple suction settings, allowing users to customize the intensity of the pumping experience to their individual needs and preferences. However, as with any breast pump, some users may experience discomfort or sensitivity during use and may need to adjust settings or take breaks as necessary. Overall, the comfort level may vary depending on individual factors such as breast size, shape, and sensitivity.

Is it worth the price?

The Elvie breast pump comes with a significant price tag of approximately $499 prior to taxes for a double pump. In the United States, insurance typically provides one breast pump for free with each pregnancy, but this may not always cover the cost of an Elvie pump. However, it is possible to pay the difference between the insurance coverage and the cost of an Elvie pump to upgrade. The company offering the Elvie pump does allow customers to pay the difference and upgrade from the insurance-provided pump.

Comparison with other breast pumps

Product nameWearableHands-freeHow much milk does it hold?RRP (£)
Elvie PumpYesYesUp to 150ml£269
Hale PumpYesYesUp to 250ml£139
Momcozy PumpYesYesUp to 180ml£59.99


Is Elvie’s pump considered hospital-grade?

Establishing a consistent pumping routine can also be helpful in maintaining the milk supply. The Elvie pump is excellent in this regard. It’s not necessarily due to superior mechanics, but rather because it simplifies the pumping process and encourages more frequent use. This increased frequency of pumping, in turn, helped increase the milk supply.

Does Elvie Pump empty breasts?

To prevent clogged ducts and maintain a healthy milk supply, it’s essential to fully empty the breast during pumping sessions. The Elvie breast pump has proven effective in achieving complete breast emptying. By ensuring a proper seal and suction, and pumping until there is no more milk being ejected, Elvie ensures optimal milk removal.

Is Elvie Pump painful?

You can modify the suction intensity by utilizing the buttons on the front of the hub or through the mobile app while wearing the pump. Generally, it is not painful for most users. However, there may be times when it feels uncomfortable and it is unclear why.

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